Space Shuttle Brothers

Logo for the creative association Space Shuttle Brothers.

The concept of our team is to develop, constantly improve our skills.
We do not see the boundaries of development and we
try to motivate young talents to work together.

In the sign, I reflected the desire to go beyond and achieve more. The development stage of the skill is the boundary that must be overcome, which we do together by our team.

We break any limit!

Main concept of Space Shuttle Brothers Team is evolving and non-stop skill improvement. There are no limits for our development and we work hard to motivate young talents to collaborate with us.
Logo means ambition to go beyond the frame and achive more. Stage of development of skill - the border that you want to overcome what we are doing together by our team.

Basis of rythm defines the angle 25 ° in the
upper part of the fire and extends in a font

We reach after impossible and encourage you to improve yourself and your talents. Who knows where it will lean.