Three logo options for different
types of printing.

The main activity is projection shows.
and interactive installations. All this can't
to be realized without projectors is the main tool.
The metaphor is simple - two beams from the projector
to the intersection form the abstract letter M.

The logo looks good in any size.

Specially picked up bright complimentary
colors, so that at the intersection they gave black color.

The grid of the mark consists of eight circles.

In search of the desired form, I had to
a lot of experimenting.

Security fields are needed for proper
posting a logo with content.

Mantra is a creative projection of the mind through sound,
which awakens cosmic energy sleeping
at the base of the spine in the form of a coiled serpent - Kundalini.
I decided not to forget about it and added it in the form
Easter eggs in the pattern.