This logo has various difficulties.
The form remains unchanged, but the content is changing.
Since the logo is dynamic, it gives us different
scenarios for its use.

Monochrome versions for documents
and budget printing.

The logo also has a horizontal composition
with all the variants of complexity.

Hotshot - English idiom, which is literally translated"Hot head" and has the meaning of enthusiastic, gifted and energeticrights. Fire is a great metaphor for this. Since the service is located
on the Internet, it is directly connected with the digital, that rhymes perfectly with pixels. Well, I could not help writing the letter "h" into negative space.

Logo looks good
in any scale.

The sign grid consists of even squares.
This gives the sign a neatness.

Security fields are needed for proper use
logo with different content.

The pattern consists of chaotically scattered
parts of the logo. This pattern is not repeated
and can decorate any medium.