Transmedia HSE

Complete logo development + corporate identity.

A new master studies course in the faculty of communications,
media and design at the biggest university in Russia –
the Higher School of Economics (HSE).

“Transmedia production in digital industries” - a programme, developed for students and young professionals who desire to improve their skills in design, tech, programming, digital projects management.

The main metaphor was Tetris as a pioneer symbol
in Digital, same as new direction is a pioneer
in the public education system.

Grid of the sign is built on
cube in isometric projection

Variety of composite forms of the sign
and combinations of their combination,
makes this logo universal and very flexible.

The color scheme of the sign is based on the RGB color model.
Since the new direction is directly related with
computer technology, I decided to take this color
model, because it is used on monitors.

But the pure colors of the RGB model look too harsh.
I decided to reduce the saturation and make the colors
more harmonious with each other, and instead of white,
which is formed at the intersection of three colors, make
a dark, so that there is no mistaken metaphor.